Inside Constitution Insurance

Constitution Insurance Company, LLC is domiciled in Nashville, Tennessee. Its formation was the result of an increasing number of insurance agents and policyholders wishing to secure an enterprise risk solution that would allow them to retain risk and lower their cost of insurance. Constitution is a Protected Cell Captive (PCC). A PCC allows one captive insurance company to create one or more “protected cells” (PC) or “incorporated cells (IC). The protected or incorporated cells of the PCC function as independent entities and can take the form of a C corporation, an S Corporation, a partnership or a Limited Liability Company. Under Tennessee law each unit and its assets and liabilities are separate from the actions of the other entities. A legal “ring fence” exists to protect the assets of one cell from creditors of another cell. Each cell is managed by their own board of directors, while its assets and liabilities are shielded from other cells.